Are Filipinas good choice for pen pals?

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Philippine Ladies Penpal - Is She Worth Your Time?

Author: Alyana Cruz

Finding a Philippine ladies penpal is nothing new to foreign men. They have always been fascinated by the fact that there are a lot of Philippine women who seek foreign men as their penpals. It is not that there is a shortage of men in the Philippines but these women are broadening their options in finding a lifetime partner. There have been a lot of Filipinas who have married foreign men of different nationalities since the mid 90's. These couples have reportedly cherished a relationship that have brought forth a very happy and close knit family.

Today there are modern ways of finding a Philippine ladies penpal. From the old pen and paper, people can access the internet to communicate. This innovative invention has made the world a smaller place. Communicating with Filipinas or with other women from every corner of the world at the comfort of your living room is a very relaxing experience. You get to share your life with people who have totally different cultures and beliefs but still be accepted.

Chatting with Filipinas or any other woman for that matter is time-consuming and it isolates you from your actual society in your community whenever you are on your computer. You are giving away part of your life wherein you could have shared it with actual people. Is she really worth your time? This would depend on the relationship that you have with the lady.

Just like any real relationship with the opposite sex, the time spent will depend on what you have at the moment. If the relationship that you have is just to kill time and having no specific purpose then it is a waste of time. If it is to establish friendship with a specific purpose of really wanting to get to know each other then it may be worth something. Letting her know your intentions after a few exchanges will drastically change everything. If she is okay with nurturing a serious relationship then of course this will require a lot of time on the computer.

If you both have the desire to settle down in the near future then it does not destroy any present relationship you both have in your community. Whatever you have with this woman in the other end of the line is surely worth the time for sure. Planning alone consumes already a lot of time. This would require great amounts of sincerity and truthfulness on both sides in order to accomplish one goal. No one could question the time spent if it is for the love of a Philippine ladies penpal.

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