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Dating Thai girls

Purple is the colour of Thailand

Smelling the sweet fragrances of all things Thai; the orchids, the flowers and the subtle smells of incenses that smoulder from the Buddhist temples whilst self-indulging the sounds of those temple bells that chime to an ever degree of melancholy. I realized why the colour of Thailand must be purple. Purple delights in all flavours of attitude and existence, like my own existence; it holds the power to everything yet the power of nothing. A spiritual enlightenment-that will seek only those who seek it. So there I was on that late afternoon in Bangkok. I, struggling with the feelings of melancholy and somewhat regret with the City of Angels, that defiantly spoke out against me as if to say told you so.

I was completely at fault with this. We had been chatting just recently, laughing-exchanging thoughts, dreams and ideas of the future. And now nothingness, I had come to the City of Angels in search of Suriporn- the ideal girl who I thought could be part of my life but regrettably was slowly becoming a distant memory and now a distant lie which I had foolishly believed. Suriporn was, no, is, a girl who I had met on a Thai dating website. A dating site that I had pondered the idea of joining for months before, then finally taking the plunge and contacting someone who I thought could be something special, someone new. She had replied to my messages and as she did, I noticed how her prose (although not perfect English) seemed to dance for me between the lines. When we exchanged photos and it seemed that with those eyes-like pools of dark emeralds were actually talking to me. I was besotted. And I thought she was too.

So we decided to meet finally. Days of trepidation, fear and anticipation loomed before my arrival. I had spoken to her by phone and by pc, and it hadn't occurred to me to ask for her address. We had conjured something far more romantic, a solitary meeting outside the walls of the stone Wat Po temple in Bangkok. Bringing me back to where I am now. Children played by the green lawns next to the temple, girls and boys seemed to enjoy a carefree game of what seemed a combination of dance and play. Whilst the Buddhist monks prayed in an interminable silence and servitude. Dating couples of birds of all colors danced from the trees to near where I waited, sitting next to me and greeting me each time I came to this spot. Envy is not a word I wanted to use to describe my feelings now. 10:00 am on the morning of October on the tenth day of this month, to symbolize the time and day we first found each other a year before. This was to be the day that we'd first meet. But alas, my Suriporn never came, her phone was down, PC down and dating site silence.

My days are now filled with anxiety. I wait by the shrine each morning as we had planned-waiting hours, sometimes all day until the sun gently nestles behind the walls of my temple. Are you here Suriporn or were you just a dream?

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