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dating at romantic restaurants Tips to attract women depend on different scenarios and the moment. I have thought of different scenarios to initiate as many conversation starters as possible. The perfect setting to meet singles is an intimate dinner party..

How To Attract Women, Conversation Starters To Attract Women

Author: arunraj v.s.
Here is how you can attract women with a little bit of small talk. Attracting women and getting them to talk to you is easy if you know how to use the conversation starter. Conversation starters work well to get women attracted enough to indulge in a conversation with you. Here we will see as to how you can attract women with some good use of your tongue:

1. THE best thing which works in your favor is a nice smile, an eye contact and a direct "hi"

2. If you see a girl reading a book, say if it is the latest Harry Potter book or a John Grisham novel, you can exclaim," wow, that is my favorite too" Get her interested about a certain character if you have read the book but do not tell her more. Also if possible talk to her about the other book from some other books. Take it from there to other topics.


Suppose you see a girl at a party wearing something unusual. Say something unusual which will attract her attention. Tell her that it is very attractive and it is irresistible. Make her know that it compliments her outfit perfectly. You may even ask her where she got it from. She will be pleased to tell you more about her broach.

4. Have you ever noticed the sales girls and telephone receptionists?. They are bored of doing the same dreary job. They want a man to liven them, to cheer them and make them feel special. You can do a good job at it. You can just say that you are shopping for a neat outfit for your sister. Ask her which would be an ideal according to her. She will definitely help her out, it is her job and you ofcourse can talk about other nice things in life along with the dress. Again if you see a nice cute shopping for a pair of dainty skirts, smile her and greet her. Before she knows what hit her, tell her that you have quite a dumb taste compared as far as women's' outfits are concerned. Tell her that you cannot figure out an ideal pair of jeans or whatever which would suit your sister or friend. She will not mind helping you choose what she thinks is a good outfit. Similarly you can perk up the telephone receptionist by talking about the traveling bit, and praising her about how she manages to keep cool even though she has to handle a lot of persky, irritating calls. Compliment on her outfit or any other feature that stands out(not the naughty part!, not yet!)

5. Ask her what the time is. This is the most clich‚d opening line but still it works. But be sure that you do not flash your cellphone at that time.

6. Ask her for directions. She would definitely be happy to help you with finding the directions. Very soon she will be providing directions to her heart.

7. If you are in a music CD shop and you see a girl, ask her if she could help her with some good tracks.

8. Girls love art and forms of creation. So, if you are a museum and spot a girl looking at an art form, you can go close to her and look at the splendid creation. When she is within an earshot, utter a few words about the painting or pass an odd comment. Ask her, "What do you think?" She will be glad to offer her views. Then you can spend time disagreeing with her views as you open the door of her heart.

9. If you see a girl at a beach, ask her if she knows to build castles.

10. . You can ask a devout churchgoing girl what time the worship is or if she would be around for the feast day.

11. Your neighbor might be one real hot number. But that should not stop you from going and asking her, "do you know what time is the 70s show?"

12. Fancy your teacher whom you have major crush on. No sweat. Go to her and say that you have some doubts which want to be cleared.

13. . If you see a girl in the garden, comment on the weather, the green grass etc..say that you love the smell of the rain, doesn't you?

14. If you ever see a girl (lonely) in a theatre, tell her about your views on the movie. Not but don't sound boring or nerdy. A comment in a humorous form will break the ice faster. Something like tell her, you know what was my favorite part in the movie..I simply loved The End.

15. Wear a whatzit. Whenever you go to a gathering, wear or carry something unusual to give people who find you the excuse to approach. If you want to be noticed, wear something unusual. Things like a cool braclet, a cute looking pendant or a funky pair of glasses, anything that stands out stylishly but not gaudy.

16. If you see a gorgeous girl at a party, ask the host to make the introduction or pump him for few facts that you can immediately turn into ice breakers.

17. Imagine a bevy of girls and guys talking and chatting away to a glory at a pub. You want to speak to that lovely brunette who is sitting amongst the group. She has taken your breath away. You are attracted to this sexy cute woman who is nothing but a stranger. How do you do you make your move. Eavesdrop. Let's assume they are talking about a trip. You can quip in and say that you couldn't help overhearing what they were talking. Say that you are also planning to go to the same place. Ask them for suggestions about the place, lodge, hotel or accommodation to stay there while taking the trip. As you say this, there will be a small fraction of a silence. You have entered their territory. Will they be taken aback? Somewhat. Momentarily. Will they get over it? Will you be party to her conversation? Absolutely!

18. Break the ice.go to her with a lump of ice. Break it in front of her and say, "Now that we've broken the ice. Can we be friends?" Eccentric but sexy! She will remember it because it will be straight out of a cute romantic movie for her.

19. When the object of your interest is topic animatedly, compliment her and endorse her. Say: That's right. Rephrase what she has just said in another manner. C'mon you can do that!

20. Tell her, "I am writing a book on Dating Women. What is your take on it? Any tips?"

The above tips to attract women depend on different scenarios and the moment. I have thought of different scenarios to initiate as many conversation starters as possible. There are endless opportunities to start a conversation with a woman you desire.

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